The anatomy of an Asian eyelid is different than caucasian eyelids and pose unique issues during a reconstructive procedure.

Asian Rhinoplasty

What is an Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure?

The goal of many rhinoplasty procedures is to make the external portion of the nose more balanced with the rest of the face and improve the overall look of the nose and the surrounding area. With an Asian nose, many have a low bridge height which makes it difficult for the patient to wear glasses. In some cases, the nose may need to be reconstructed and made larger to better fit the proportions of the face. During an Asian rhinoplasty procedure, special techniques and procedures are used to create a more Asian-looking nose that fits the contours and shape of an Asian face. Each ethnicity has features that are unique. An Asian rhinoplasty procedure takes this into consideration.

Who Needs This Type of Procedure?

Asian rhinoplasty procedures are used to help restructure the nose and nasal passages of an Asian face. This procedure is primarily used on individuals who are Asian and have features that allow them to be recognized as belonging to this ethnicity. This can mean a smaller nose with a decreased bridge height. Asian noses are normally more triangular in shape and often flatter which is the reason behind the decreased bridge height. An Asian patient may require a height increase at the bridge of the nose in an attempt to make it easier for them to wear glasses. The key is to provide an Asian patient a nose that is cosmetically accurate for their particular ethnic features.

Does This Type of Procedure Require Special Training?

An Asian rhinoplasty procedure requires special knowledge of the structure of an Asian face and its features. The Asian face has many features that are unique to their particular ethnicity. An Asian nose is more triangular and may require augmentation, unlike a Caucasian nose which normally requires some type of reduction. A person who performs Asian rhinoplasty procedures must also have experience in adjusting the bridge height of the nose. The Asian nose normally has a very low bridge height which makes it extremely difficult for the person to wear glasses of any kind. A working knowledge of the Asian face, its symmetry, and the function of the nose are needed in order to successfully perform this type of activity.

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