A chin implant procedure, whether it is a reduction or an augmentation procedure will take two to four weeks to heal.

Chin Implant

What is a Chin Implant?

A chin implant can be used during a chin augmentation or reduction procedure to help bring about a more balanced look to the face. A person's chin may be too pointed, recessed, or too large making it protrude outward causing the jawline to look out of balance with the rest of the face. A chin implant can be placed into the chin area of the face so that the jaw line and other areas of the face remain in balance. Chin implants are often added as a part of a facelift procedure to help restore the form of the face. This is the perfect time to include the chin implant since the face is already being worked on, there will only be one recovery period.

Do Chin Implant Surgeries Involve Risks?

Every surgery comes with some degree of risk. Opening the skin increases the risk of infection. As with any type of surgical procedure that affects the face, there will be a risk of inflammation that can last for several days after the procedure. There may be instances where the body does not respond well to the implant. If this occurs, the implant will have to be removed and other means used to add volume or reshape the area. One of the most common risks when it comes to this type of implant is that the implant will shift or move out of place as the area begins to heal. This is something that the doctor will be watching for during follow-up visits.

How Long Does This Type of Procedure Take to Heal?

A chin implant procedure, whether it is a reduction or an augmentation procedure will take two to four weeks to heal. The surface incision may heal within a few days, but the interior incisions and sutures may take slightly longer to heal. When performed as part of a more extensive procedure such as a facelift, it can take up several weeks to fully be recovered. In some cases, when a person receives a chin implant, there is also work performed to the rest of the jawline to ensure the facial structure remains in balance. Restructuring the entire jaw may be needed which will increase the recovery time.

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