Platelet-rich plasma is a mixture that is created using the patient's own blood and plasma.

Hair Restoration

What is a Hair Restoration Procedure?

Hair restoration procedures are performed using platelet rich protein injections that include special growth factors that are used to stimulate the regeneration of new cells and new hair growth. By injecting platelet rich plasma into the tissues of the scalp, the additional platelets and growth factors act as catalysts to help strengthen existing tissues and stimulate new growth on all levels from the scalp to the hair itself. A hair restoration process is used to prevent further hair loss and to help maintain a healthy scalp. By being proactive, the scalp is able to maintain healthy hair growth for longer periods of time.

Are There Side Effects?

Platelet-rich plasma is a mixture that is created using the patient's own blood and plasma. There is very little risk of an allergic reaction or infection. The procedure is minimally invasive and produces effective results in just a few treatments. Hair restoration techniques that involve PRP injections may result in mild swelling and inflammation. They can also result in tenderness in the injection and mild discoloration or bruising. In most cases, these side effects will be minor and will dissipate within a day or two of the treatment. This type of hair restoration treatment works on both male and female patients and can be used to hair loss, no matter what the cause.

How Effective are PRP Injections?

PRP injections are extremely effective when it comes to hair restoration and other rejuvenation procedures. In addition to the extra platelets, PRP injections also include growth factors that stimulate the regeneration of cells and tissues. The growth factors, that are introduced into the scalp during a hair restoration treatment, work along with the platelets to help heal damage while at the same nourishing and enhancing the body's ability to begin to heal itself. With continued hair restoration treatments, the newly formed cells, scalp tissues, and hair will begin to take hold and produce the type of results people are looking for.

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