Photofacial eliminates redness and discolorations and helps to smooth fine age lines that can cause the skin to look much older.


What is a Photofacial?

A photofacial or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) procedure lasts for approximately 30 minutes and involves the use of intense pulses of light to target areas deep below the surface of the skin. This type of skin rejuvenation stimulates the production of collagen. It also causes blood vessels that lie in the epidermis to constrict. This eliminates redness and discolorations and helps to smooth fine age lines that can cause the skin to look much older than it actually is. Photofacial procedures are relatively fast and produce very few side effects. The downtime is minimal. Although results may not be immediately apparent, they will begin to show within a few weeks of the treatment.

How Long Do the Benefits of a Photofacial Last?

The results of a photofacial may take up to two to three weeks to be noticed. The final results will be apparent in approximately six to eight weeks. Photofacials can be used In conjunction with radiofrequency procedures, bringing the benefits of radio waves into the procedure. The effects of a photofacial may last for several months, but the end result will be determined by the overall health and well-being of the patient. The results will also depend on how many layers of skin were penetrated by the light waves. Procedures that involve shallow treatment options may heal faster and last longer than one in which the light waves were sent deeply below the surface.

Does a Photofacial Procedure Have Side Effects?

A photofacial may produce minimal side effects, but most will disappear rather quickly after the procedure has been performed. Much like with any other type of laser or energy based treatment, the skin near the treatment area will be tender to the touch and slightly warm immediately after the procedure. The procedure may also cause minimal inflammation and swelling near the treatment area. Individuals who have fairly dark skin prior to the photofacial procedure may result in uneven skin coloring afterward. Most side effects will disappear rather quickly and the patient should be able to resume daily activities within a few hours of the procedure.

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