Beauty Lab devices measures skin and hair quality, moisture level and true hair color through the use of laser, digital or 3D technologies.

Beauty Lab

Professional Beauty Lab

BeautyLab, , is a digital ecosystem for quantifying and customizing the skin, hair, beauty and surgical care experience, propelling beauty and health care salons into the digital age through the use of various diagnostics and augmented reality (AR) color consultation. BeautyLab was created from years of Biometrix academic and industry research experience with capabilities to measure skin, hair and body conditions before, during and after treatments or surgical procedures. Additionally, Beauty Lab provides customers with personalized products and services by analyzing skin, hair and body at the molecular level and evaluating data-driven insights.

The Details

  • BeautyLab Analyzers:  devices that measures skin and  hair quality, moisture level and true hair color through the use of laser, digital or 3D technologies. The data is then analyzed by an algorithm developed by Biometrix  to assist professionals while providing clients with personalized skin and beauty treatments.

  • BeautyLab Consultant: Consumers and professionals  can utilize our services and application to display the client's skin or beauty diagnostic results during a consultation. The service also employs  technology to reveal what a treatment or procedure will look like on a client before treatment. This service provides individual care solution recipes and real-time production via the BeautyLab customized

  • BeautyLab Customizer: The Customizer was created to produce personalized skin and hair  care products on-site based on a client's skin or hair  data. The Customizer works by combining different combinations of ingredients and fragrances on the spot. Products are then dispensed in salon-sized portions or small bottles with a personalized label printed directly from the customizer.

We can now gain so many more data-driven insights about the client’s skin or hair, thanks to Biometrix technology and the concrete scientific data it gives us. Combining it with our own expertise, we can now assess the skin and hair on a whole new level—the perfect basis for a truly individualized beauty care


Our state-of-the-art Beauty Lab is your playground for personalized aesthetic rejuvenation. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to health and wellness. We believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of the most advanced skincare technology, so we’ve opened the doors to the Beauty Lab to the general public. Come in and receive a customized Beauty Report - an in-depth scientific analysis of your skin type that gives our staff the right information to provide you with the best recommendations for improved care. Make an appointment today!

At our Beauty Lab, you can discover and learn about the latest in skin science.  Our state-of-the-art skin testing equipment has been used by major companies around the world. Now you too can access these skin rejuvenation tests and learn how to look your very best.

  • Discover how to measure your skin’s hydration status and how to restore it

  • Measure your wrinkles and learn how to reduce them

  • Learn about age spots and how they can be eliminated

  • Test your skin’s laxity and see how it can be improved

  • Use your personalized Beauty Report to discover the best products and services that can make you look years younger.

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